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Welcome to my website. I hope that you will find some helpful information and resources on this site.

I offer therapy services for clients, supervision and consultation services to therapists and mental health professionals, and educational and training programs for professional and lay audiences.

My approach to psychotherapy is grounded in a deep respect for the therapeutic relationship, with careful attention to bringing mindful presence into each moment. Drawing from a variety of clinical tools, I seek to build a safe and caring therapeutic environment that allows flexibility for exploring the individual needs that each client brings to his or her therapeutic journey.

I honor the significance of your decision to enter psychotherapy, whatever the path that has supported you in taking this step. There may be a particular incident or life circumstance that is causing you emotional distress and perhaps you are seeking guidance to find your way thru your difficulties. You may be seeking help to address unresolved trauma or relationship concerns. You may be in a period of life transition because of developmental, spiritual, or life-changing events and need support or challenge. Psychotherapy can help you find your authentic self, reveal your inner truth, and foster the wisdom, compassion, and healing that is necessary to increase your experience of congruence with your personal and vocational worlds.

I specialize in working with ADULTS and YOUNG ADULTS who are dealing with issues related to life transitions, strengthening relationships, fostering resilience, healing from sexual and physical trauma and neglect (including male survivors of sexual abuse), addictions recovery, sexual identity, empowerment. I work with clients who seek support in their addictions recovery as well as with clients who want to address dissociative and borderline symptoms. I also work with COUPLES of any sexual orientation that are grappling with addiction recovery, survivor issues, parenting concerns, or relationship enhancement. In addition, I conduct GROUPS and WEEKEND RETREATS for male survivors of sexual abuse.

I provide CLINICAL SUPERVISION AND CONSULTATION FOR PSYCHOTHERAPISTS who want to integrate mindfulness and use of self into their clinical work. I seek to enhance the ability of mental health clinicians to form collaborative therapeutic relationships with their clients by exploring the intersection of personal realization, spiritual growth, therapeutic boundaries, and professional ethics/integrity.

I regularly conduct WORKSHOPS AND CLINICAL TRAININGS on a variety of topics, including Mindful Presence in Psychotherapy™, self care of the therapist, male survivors of sexual abuse, men’s issues, working with Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer (GLBTQ) clients, and working with clients with dissociative and borderline symptoms.

I am often requested as a PUBLIC SPEAKER for community programs or panels on a range of mental health topics, such as sexual violence, sexual abuse of males, gender identity, GLBTQ issues, and social justice.

I particularly enjoy integrating therapeutic work with an appreciation for the natural world. I sometimes design clinical activities that allow opportunities to WORK WITH CLIENTS IN OUTDOOR THERAPEUTIC SETTINGS.

No matter what your life issue or your field of work, I strive to help you achieve congruence between your vocational or professional work and the personal aspects of your life. By doing so, I hope that your participation in psychotherapy can deepen your enjoyment for life, enhance your connection to your soulful energy, validate your authentic self, and expand your ability to build relationships that nurture community within and across cultures.

I have been working in the field of Social Work for 34 years and in Private Practice for 28 years. I have a multi-varied work experience, serving in a wide range of treatment, supervisory, and administrative roles in a variety of clinical treatment settings. For more comprehensive biographical information about my training and background, check out the ABOUT JIM menu section of this website.

My office is located in the Liberty Park area of Salt Lake City, Utah. Please call 801-364-5700, Ext. 1 if you have any question, to schedule an appointment, or for referrals or resources.

I invite you to explore the information and resources that are available on my website and to check out the links that are provided to other websites. Thanks for visiting.

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