Upcoming Workshops & Current Groups

Weekends of Recovery

MenHealing Weekends of Recovery provide a way to find words, understanding and a sense of community to men as they continue their experience of psychotherapy or begin the process of recovery. This experience is structured to provide experiences that are not often available in traditional talk therapy environments.

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   Workshops Available From Jim

Below is a sample of workshops that Jim conducts on a regular basis or has conducted in the past and is available to offer upon request. For more information on how to schedule workshops on any of these topics, contact Jim at Jimstruve@mac.com or 385-355-0965

Breaking the Silence

Healing the Shame of Male Survivors of Sexual Victimization. A full-day training for clinicians*, social workers*, advocates and staff who are seeking detailed information on working with male survivors of sexual abuse in clinical, therapeutic, or other professional situations. We hope to help attendees better understand the complex, and often misunderstood dynamics of being a male survivor and some of the unique challenges and pressures faced by this population.

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Sitting with Hopelessness

Using didactic and experiential activities, this workshop will explore the clinical dynamics - for both client and therapist - that often emerge in combination with issues of hopelessness. Client material and clinical interventions will help to illustrate the therapeutic process of transforming hopelessness into resilience.

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Manifest Your Dream Practice

Do you wish your professional practice were more congruent with your dreams and personal values? Are you ready for a healing practice that manifests your dreams. Are you equipped with the tools to realize a more personally gratifying healing practice? Do you want to explore your unknown while surrounded by the grandeur of nature?

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Tenderhearted Approaches to Conflict Resolution

Dealing with conflict is an inherent component within all relationships, be they between family members, couples, friends, coworkers, or communities. This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn and practice effective and compassionate approaches to resolving interpersonal conflicts. Special attention will be given to the ways conflict can erode relationships and the ways that heartfelt conflict resolution can repair and deepen intimacy. Participants will also be given opportunities to problem-solve interpersonal situations they currently are experiencing as challenging.

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Working With Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Although 1 in 6 males are victims of sexual abuse, male sexual abuse remains in the shadows. Treatment services for male survivors are meager and men are often reluctant to access whatever services are available. This presentation offers and overview of the dynamics of male sexual abuse and the clinical issues that are important for service providers.

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Intimacy and Attachment in the Therapeutic Relationship: Possibilities & Dilemmas

This workshop will illuminate many of the issues that a client and therapist encounter as they negotiate the clinical and ethical boundaries of "therapeutic attachment". Attention in this workshop will be given to how diagnostic and treatment considerations of clients may facilitate or impede therapeutic attachment and how participants' own values and beliefs impact emotional closeness with clients.

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Ethical Strategies for Dealing with Sexual/Gender Orientation and Religious Conflicts

This interactive workshop will establish a "call to action" that will inspire participants to extend the principles of reconciliation and collaboration to the diverse reaches of our professional and personal communities.

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Building Bridges

An Ethics Workshop on Respecting Religious and Sexual/Gender Orientation Differences. The Summary Report is available for you to access, download, and share with anyone else you know who may be interested in this information.

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Using Mindfulness - For Your Clients AND For You

Mindfulness, employed as a therapeutic approach, offers practical tools for working with a broad range of issues, including trauma resolution, anxiety management, borderline dynamics, addiction recovery, life transitions, and life enhancement. This 3 hour workshop will address the application of mindfulness for therapist self-care as well as highlighting clinical perspectives for client care.

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Learning the Skills of Mindfulness

This daylong experiential workshop offers an introduction to the basic foundations and practical skills of mindful awareness. Ample time will be devoted to practicing the application of mindfulness skills for use in grounding and centering, managing anxiety, focusing attention, and personal enhancement. A mindfulness lunch and a non-strenuous mindfulness walk will also be included, allowing an opportunity to experience mindfulness skills across a diverse spectrum of daily life activities.

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   Past Workshops Sponsored By Jim Struve

These are workshops that have been sponsored by Jim. Upon request, Jim is available to arrange the logistics for these presenters to return to Salt Lake City and conduct these sessions (or variations on these sessions) at a future date.

Body Awareness Training As A Foundation For Aikido Practice

This Aikido workshop will focus on how to use body awareness exercises drawn from Being in Movement® mindbody training to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Aikido defense techniques and deepen Aikido practice as a meditative process.

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Body Awareness & Empowerment for Abuse/Assault Survivors

This experiential workshop - conducted by Paul Linden, Ph.D. - is designed for professionals such as psychotherapists, medical practitioners, massage therapists, somatic educators, and martial artists who work with survivors of abuse and assault..

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Embodying Power: For LGBTQ Individuals

The natural responde to intolerance, discrimination, rejection, conflict, and abuse is shock - physical contraction of breathing, posture, and attention. However, this creates numbness and weakness and keeps you in the victim mode. An experiential workshop conducted by Paul Linden, Ph.D.

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